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Cargo Terminal 1 Contracting

Industry Day
October 17 & 18, 2023 | Anchorage, AK
Register by October 8, 2023

Industry Day is a voluntary, pre-bid meeting that is intended to provide information to interested contractors for the upcoming Cargo Terminal 1 (or T1) project for Port of Alaska.

Port of Alaska, in partnership with the Municipality of Anchorage, is hosting this event to explain the Municipal contracting process; to describe the design and construction features of the project – including elements that are unique to working in Alaska and at the Port; to solicit contractor input prior to the start of the procurement process; to encourage construction companies to network and form teams; to share the benefits of working with the Municipality and the Port; and to get a flavor for what spending a little quality time in Alaska could mean for you and your employees.

The Municipality of Anchorage is committed to the construction of the new Cargo Terminal 1 as a high priority project. The project will be funded using a combination of federal grants, State of Alaska appropriations and Municipality of Anchorage funds.

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